The Restoration of Dustin Fisher

The Restoration of Dustin Fisher

The other stock joke hack comedians tell is about how once they get their identity stolen, somebody tries to give it back to them and they don’t want it back. Well, I guess I have a case of art imitating life. Or at least talentless hacks imitating comedy imitating life.

Last we left our hero (me), he had a credit account with about $10,000 in debt that had disappeared, possibly for good because of an error some intern made that no one would ever catch. At least that’s how it happened in my head. Well, somebody figured it out and my credit account is back. They did take the $90 in charges that I didn’t make off there, and yet I still can’t help but be disappointed with them. Every once in a while, you just hope for a little incompetence to go your way, is that so much to ask?

So my identity has been restored, which is fine. But my DVR scrambled the recording of Lost tonight, and that’s not fine. Why can’t Bank of America do something about that instead? Be helpful and restore that. So now I’ve gone and changed all my passwords on anything, which is super annoying. I have no idea how to get to anything. It took me 25 minutes just to log onto my website to upload this and it only took half that time to write it. I actually had to write down all my different accounts and passwords and keep them as a file on my website with my social security number and the combination to my gym locker just so I’d remember. But at least now, I’ll be the only person losing my money at online poker. Stupid identity restoration.

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