I Can See Your Crack

I Can See Your Crack

I have a pretty decent size crack on my windshield and unlike all the literature says, it doesn’t appear to be going away on its own. It started on the passenger side at just about eye level and worked its way about ¼ of the way across pretty quickly. But it’s now kinda slowed down. And I don’t really see the need to fix it either. At first I was a little distracted and thought somebody was always trying to merge from the right. But now that I’m used to it (and already have a girlfriend), it’s not a big deal. My mechanic says that in addition to the obvious issues with vision which I’ve already circumnavigated (justified), it weakens the integrity of the windshield. So now if my windshield finds somebody else’s wallet, it will take all the cash before it mails it back. Or maybe I’m misunderstanding something. He said that if a basketball strikes the windshield, it is now more likely to break. Even in my line of work, I think I can avoid driving through a storm of basketballs.

So I’ve decided not to worry about getting it fixed. Unless of course they require a whole uncracked windshield as part of the Maryland State inspection. It’s been a while since I’ve been through a real inspection since Ohio only checks your headlights and odometer and only when you first buy it or move there. Heck, my jeep didn’t have doors that locked, functional seat belts or a roof and that lasted three years. And they let my legally blind roommate drive an SUV any time of day. How the hell do people survive out there? And the basketball storms are much worse out there too. Where the hell was I?

Still Standing Right Here…

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