Miami Quadrant Reflections (Round of 64)

The big news was of course that Facebook yanked the rug out from under me when – after only 8 total matches of a scheduled 67 – it eliminated the poll question option, which is honestly the reason I went through all this trouble to make a bracket and run the tournament. Oh well. So now I’m doing a lot more work than I wanted for a small percentage of the audience I had. Again, oh well. On to the games.

Check out the Double Feature Duel page to see how the up-to-date player rankings.

I was worried that my first #1 seed was going to go down in the opening round, but thankfully Frequency pulled out a 1-vote victory to Unforgiven, a trendy upset pick in this second (first) round. That and The Big Lebowski were the only two lower seeds to win, which isn’t totally unexpected. I seeded the movies based on how much I liked them, not how popular they are. And I like some weird stuff.

The surprise (to me) of the first (second) round was that Requiem for a Dream lost to The Prestige. I loved both movies (obviously), so I’m not upset. But I am surprised there wasn’t more fanfare for Requiem. Maybe it was the Chris Nolan factor. Or maybe it was just too damn depressing.

But the one that hurt was O Brother Where Art Thou’s loss to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the battle of long movie titles. A few people had that movie in their Final Four and beyond (sorry, Norine). Also in bad shape is my dear old ma, who picked Unforgiven to get to the championship game. Oh well. Don’t crumble up your brackets just yet. Anything can happen (unless you lose your championship movie in this round too. Then you can start to crumble stuff). Good luck to all in the next quadrant, which will begin again tomorrow.

Yeah, well that's just, your opinion, man.

Yeah, well that’s just like…eh, your opinion, man.

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