Logic, Luck and Love

Logic, Luck and Love

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but I’m in a big production this summer called Logic, Luck and Love as a part of the Capital Fringe Festival. I hadn’t heard of it either before this year, but it’s a pretty big deal and this is my biggest role since ever. Here’s a little bit about it.

The time has come! Opening Night is tomorrow, 7/17 and it’s already SOLD OUT. And because of the “nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd” thing, you all need to buy your tickets soon. There are five dates and times ranging from weekday evening, weekend day and weekend night. So you’re going to need to come up with another damn excuse. And if “I hate going into DC” is your excuse, then you’re lame and you’re no longer invited. (Ed note: This only applies to the Maryland friends. You guys in Ohio, etc. are still cool).

Four storytellers approach relationships from four different perspectives. Are you on Team Logic or Team Luck? (And it’s funny, trust me).

Want to learn more about the show? Check this out! http://logicluckandlove.com/

Yeah, the show has its own website. That’s how big it is. I don’t have websites for my average 8-minute long stand-up/storytelling sets. This is a one-hour production with another 3 incredibly talented storytelling comedians. The longest set I’ve done to date has been 20 minutes and that was in front of 12 people. OK, I’m assuming you all understand now that this is a big deal. Moving on…


Dates and times are as follows:
Sat 7/17 @ 7pm
Sun 7/18 @ Noon
Wed 7/21 @ 6pm
Thu 7/22 @ 6pm

Sun 7/25 @ 6pm

The venue is the Goethe Institut. It’s German and don’t ask me to pronounce it.
812 7th St, NW DC, between the Gallery Place and Convention Center Metro stops.
Free Map!

This is an unfortunate pain in the ass. Tickets are $15. But if you buy them online, there is a $4 surcharge. And in order to attend any Fringe Festival show, you need a Fringe button, which costs $5. I seriously recommend going to a few other shows (detailed below), to make the purchase of the button worthwhile. But if all you want to do is come see our show (and thank you very much), I have an idea. I’ll buy the buttons back from everyone who comes to opening night. That way I can give them out to people who come to subsequent shows. It’s an expense I’m willing to incur for your friendship. But this is how the non-profit festival makes its money, so let’s keep this on the DL.

ALSO, I get a discount AND if I know a few of you will be coming, I can buy in bulk to knock the price down. So rather than buy tickets yourself, just let me know when you plan on attending and I can get you tickets. But PLEASE let me know by next Thursday so I can get the ticket order together. Or just go to

The Capital Fringe Festival website (http://shows.capfringe.org/shows/417-Two-Pear-Productions-Logic-Luck-and-Love.html) and do your thing. Sorry it’s such a hassle for the casual Dustin-lover, but can you really put a price on a dream? (Don’t answer that)

You can also buy tickets at the door of the show. But some shows may sell out, so I’d rather you not come all the way down to find out you can only listen from outside.

We have a few friends in the festival and both of them start tonight. Check out these two productions.

Give Them Vagina: Tips from Mom, Dad & Cosmo

Showcase Showdown

OK, I’ve yapped enough. Thanks for being a friend and I look forward to this experience. Help me out and come to a show or at least don’t tell me it’s because you hate going into DC. Because that’s bullshit.

Hope I didn’t forget anything. But that seems impossible.

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