Best Review Ever

Best Review Ever

I knew our show was pretty good. Even before the night started, I had a feeling people were going to like our show. Even after the show, I felt like we hit it out of the park. And I REALLY wanted somebody to print something about me in a review so that I’d have something to put on my website like Molly and Jenn have on our show’s website. But I had no idea if there was anybody in the sold-out 70-seat audience from anything more popular than Well, DC Theater Scene was on the scene and gave a review that made me cry when I read it for the first time (which for the record isn’t hard, I cry during Big Fish and some State Farm commercials).

“Every so often a piece of theatre comes along that touches the audience, making them laugh and cry, illuminating issues that we all experience privately, but seldom address in mixed company. Logic, Luck and Love does all this, and more, shedding light on both the heterosexual and homosexual male and female experiences in love.”

And that’s just the first paragraph. Check out the rest of the review at the website below. And try to come to our show if you can this Wednesday, Thursday and/or Sunday.

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