The Lubrication

The LubricationThis is a blog I’ve been largely strategically neglecting for some time. I’ve started a blog specific for my stay-at-home dad audience ( and to that point, it actually has an audience. I came to the conclusion after years of moping and kicking the wall that this blog was doomed to fail because I lack one of two things: specific subject matter OR pre-existing fame. If people already knew who I was, I’d be able to write about anything I want OR if I had a specific subject matter – being a stay-at-home dad, for example – people will know what to expect and might stumble upon it on an internet search. Since I lack both of those two things, I kind of just use this as an online journal and write what and when I want without regard for schedule or audience.

But now that classes are over for a week and I have a few seconds of free time, I’m getting the itch to write again. Plus, I have loads of unpublished movie reviews and I have an idea that’s probably going to take way too much of my time that I’d like to get to soon. And I felt like I needed to post something like this first so I just didn’t ignore the fact that I haven’t done anything in almost five months, especially after such a powerful piece. Following that with a four sentence movie review of “In Time” with Justin Timberlake seemed inappropriate without some lubrication first. This is that lubrication. You’re welcome.

And mostly, thanks for reading this, whoever you may be.

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