Catching Back Up

Catching Back Up

Well, I think I set a new personal record for the number of mail delivery subsystem messages I’ve gotten from one e-mail. Can anybody out there top 8? Well, that’s the new record until I hear otherwise. So what’s new with me over the last year? Well, let me catch you up. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long. I had a girlfriend for almost 7 months. But now I don’t. I’ve been told I’m funnier when I’m alone. Such is my lot in life. My parents closed their video store after being open a few months shy of 15 years. So there’s a huge chapter in my life and their life that just ended. And then my mom got a job at, get this, Blockbuster. That must have been an easy decision for management. “Lemme see here, under previous experience, you listed that you owned and managed your own video store for over 14 years. I don’t know. This other applicant worked the deep fat fryer for almost 6 months in a row. I’ll have to get back to you.”

Well, in case you didn’t know, Russ moved out back in May and Brian Frisvold moved into his room. Kind of. He’s actually there so sparsely, he unplugs his clock to save us electricity. So that makes him our third generation computer nerd in that room. And of the three, two of them got married in Spring and moved into Piney Orchard in Odenton. Russ really dropped the ball on that one. But I feel a little more at ease knowing that he’s the one that no one would pollute the world with a marriage licence with his name on it. So I told Gary last May that Russ was moving out and Brian was moving in. He gave me this look that accompanied this phrase…

Quote Of the Day 3/4/02

“How did that happen? Did you have to give up a draft pick or something?”

-Boss Man Gary

Don’t worry Russ, I’m sure he meant it in the most sincere of ways. 😉

I kid because I loathe – I mean love,


Still Standing Right Here…

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