My Personal Analog Assistant

My Personal Analog Assistant

I know you were all wondering, so I’ll just confirm! your belief. Yes, I did indeed fall off the face of the earth. I am actually as we speak orbiting around the atmosphere, but thanks to Vice Admiral Hyman Rickover and our excellent space program, I am able to send you all this wireless e-mail from my PDA. Actually, I don’t have a PDA. In fact, I was running the beach volleyball tournament last year and as a joke, I got a pencil and went to record the score of a game on my yellow lined legal notebook and said to myself, “Well, let me just record this in my

Quote of the Day 3/16/05

“Don’t you mean your P.A.D.?”
-Justin Costa

Didn’t see that one coming. Nice work, bro.

Making faces at Sputnik,
Rocket Man.

Still Standing Right Here…

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