The 7th Day of Quotemas 2006

Warning: This one isn’t very funny. But it also isn’t very long.

Talkin Bout a Resolution

A lot of you don’t know this, but I made a New Years Resolution last year to not drink any soda. Except for the little bit they put in the top of a long island ice tea. I did it because I wanted to try to consciously eat and drink more healthily. So instead of drinking soda for dinner, I’d have the only other thing in our fridge, beer. And on long road trips where I needed caffeine, I’d drink red bull. Or do some speed. And my roommate and girlfriend who refused to remember this made it difficult at bars. I’d have to ask the bartenders to try to separate the jack from the coke on many occasions. So where everybody else will be drinking champagne at midnight tonight, I’ll be looking around for a mountain dew. So this year, I’ve decided to really challenge myself. I’m going to try to drink nothing but soda. I’ll let you know how that turns out…

The 7th Day of Quotemas 2006

“Kate has the worst sense of direction in the world.” – Colin
“What makes you say that?” – Me
“Well, first of all, she doesn’t know her left from her right or north from south.” – Colin

What the hell was the second of all?”

Getting ready for a root beer IV,

D Rec.

Still Standing Right Here…

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