Save Yourself

Save Yourself

I took a CPR class last week, which caused me to go instantaneously from not being allowed to intervene in a life or death situation to being legally bound to intervene. All it really means is that I will feel more guilty about my inability to jump start someone’s heart from scratch. But in the interest of CYA, I’ll jump through your little hoops, Red Cross.

We were talking about how there is a lot of intimate contact with a CPR victim and Nick, our resident expert, asked of ways that you might be able to protect yourself from disease…

Quote of the Day 3/29/10

“Wear a condom.”

– Clifton Brown

It’s possible he misunderstood the question, but just in case, he’s still on the list of people not allowed to administer CPR to me.

Save yourself,


Still Standing Right Here…

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