Quit or Get Off the Pot

Quit or Get Off the Pot

First of all, it’s not quitting. It’s just a restructuring of one’s goals. When I was in 8th grade, I tried to swim underwater across the entire length of the high school pool. I almost made it, but came up short. My evil schmucks I called friends called me a quitter. And back then, I thought I was. I now see that incident as a restructuring of goals. I realized there was decidedly more value in breathing air to keep my brain alive than making it to the end of the pool. The same with walking over thin ice, jumping from a moving train or biting a snake’s tail (all things I said no to). This same theory has now been implemented into most areas in my life I’ve now decided to quit, whether it be paying back my student loans, becoming a famous stand-up comedian or being happy. There are just other goals that have leapfrogged these values in importance. Like the justification of all of my recent failures.

Still Standing Right Here…

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4 thoughts on “Quit or Get Off the Pot

  1. I posted a comment and it said it was successfully posted, but I’m not seeing it. I might have to quit posting, or at least restructure my goal of posting to not posting.

  2. Tom, Tom and Not Tom –

    First of all, I have a feeling you’re really all the same person. Second, I’m glad you’re still mad about that drive. It not only shows your passion, but also your ability to forget the post you dropped across the middle in one of those 4 drives we had where we didn’t score. Third, learn how to post comments correctly please. You’re the only person that does.


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