Baby’s First Photo Shoot

This is the group photo we decided to use for our 2010 Capital Fringe Festival show, Logic, Luck and Love, scheduled at Goethe Institut on the dates listed on the right column of this very web page. Kevin plays the gay guy, Jenn plays the straight gal, Molly plays the gay gal and I’ve been typecast as the straight guy. And in DC, that was the toughest role to cast. We were all supposed to dress like our characters and apparently my character is an unshaven, unkempt visor-wearer who doesn’t read e-mails all the way through to find out why he’s supposed to come to rehearsal dressed in his stage attire. So this was my first ever professional photo shoot and I hadn’t even showered in 2 days. Thankfully it wasn’t one of those cameras that picks up scent. Anyway, I certainly expect you all to come to one of our showings, especially because I know only Tom and my girlfriend read this. Tom, please bring a date. Thanks.

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