Snap Back to Reali

Snap Back to Reali

So I need to revisit this Tony Reali situation and I’m bringing you all with me. Since my original website (blog) post yesterday about our random encounter (and accompanying twitter tweets), I’ve somehow earned the respect of His Hornness, or at least his interest in 140-character increments. It’s amazing how far you can get when you compliment a guy’s sweater and publicly admit to stalking him. It earned me a shout out to over 72,000 twitter folk. Which is approximately equivalent to 5 ½ actual people. Which is still more people than visit my website (blog). So that is my newest brush with fame and by far my best usage of my twitter account.

Also, Tony Reali seems like a real stand up guy and I’m very excited our relationship has gone to the next level. This will test my ability to act appropriately around a celebrity. Even given the guise of the internet and an almost infinite amount of time to contemplate each response, I still feel this feeling that I used to get around Katie McAllister back in high school (Why not? That cat’s probably been out of the bag long enough anyway). Maybe I should just get drunk before I log onto twitter now. That seems reasonable.

Anyway, my childhood dream of getting on ESPN has a much better chance of coming true in the form of a tweet than in the Eagles defensive backfield now, so this is what I’m relegated to. Odds are long. Wish me luck.

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5 thoughts on “Snap Back to Reali

  1. Pretty sweet dustin. Looking forward to seeing you on ESPN as a passive aggresive dick. Cheers to that!

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