Video: Sucker For Love 2010

So my first attempt at embedding a video went so well, I’m doing it again! This is my story from the Sucker For Love 2010 show and probably my best performance yet. Which is saying something since I’ve probably been on stage close to 50 times now! That was actually meant to be sarcastic, but I realize now that it probably isn’t. Anyway, watch it please. I spend a lot of time on this stupid website.

Since the camera was right in front of the speaker, the audio is quiet, so turn up your speakers. Then shut the door if you’re at work. Please keep your clothes on though. That is all.

Dustin Fisher in Sucker for Love 2010 from SpeakeasyDC on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “Video: Sucker For Love 2010

  1. Awesome ethos man. I’m completely willing to travel a long way to see you perfrom the next time that I’m on the East Coast.

  2. Ha. Thanks Dave (you’ve always been my Angel). I tried to tell you I was funny.

    And thanks to you too Chad. Once I get big enough to schedule my own tour, I’ll make sure to stop by the U of Iowa. Don’t hold your breath though.

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