Street Life

Street Life

I saw a man walking two elementary school-aged girls across a busy Baltimore intersection today against a very obvious red light. A car came by at a normal speed and missed the three of them by enough distance not to concern me. This man strangely got very upset at the car and despite the windows being rolled up and the distance the car was already away from the father-of-the-year, started yelling something to the nature of “I have kids here! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” This man seemed to be under the impression that children trumped the laws of traffic. For the record, I’m against running over children with cars in any avoidable circumstance, but even if this was true, it most assuredly does not trump the laws of physics.

I thought to yell out and ask him why he was dragging his two girls across the street against the better advice of the solid orange hand and if he thought maybe that was an issue that should be addressed. Then I thought better of it. I’m not speaking to this man’s intelligence or his love for these two little girls – but in the equation that equals dragging these girls through traffic against even their better judgment, one of those variables is bound to be far lower than average.

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