Review of Exit Through the Gift Shop

A documentary about the ridiculousness of the art world was referred to me by the other half of The Bungling Idiots, notorious ragers against the art circle jerk machine from our UMBC days. How could I resist.

I have already spoken about how I think the art culture is mostly just a circle jerk of snobs who bind together so tightly to the movement that the laymen figure all these people can’t possibly be wrong. And no, I am not necessarily more articulate than that. I need to focus my rants when the rage starts to reach critical levels. Anyway, this documentary was supposed to poke fun at the world of art and the guy who told me I needed to see Memento before it left the theaters recommended it to me. And I was able to stream it right to my iPad while sitting on my couch. OK. I’m sold.

It starts by following a guy who was doing a documentary on the world of street art, something he fell ass backwards into. That was interesting enough, showing the guy that made the Obama posters and the Space Invaders guy, etc. Then it turns out that Banksy, one of the bigger street artists was actually the mastermind, doing a documentary on this documentarian when he falls ass backwards (maybe it’s the way he walks) into a successful art career based on misinterpreted advice, mass marketing and the circle jerkers’ inability to admit to being duped (and tell they’re being duped).

If this documentary is real (there is speculation that it isn’t, based on Banksy’s reputation), it encapsulates everything that is wrong with the art world and gives me an opening and closing argument in every conversation I have on this topic. Either way, it shines a white hot spotlight in the shape of Marcel Duchamp on art critics, collectors and fans and what they consider to be “art.” 7.5 bugs (out of 10).

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