Review of Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

Yeah, I watched this movie as an adult.

I remember this movie being a quirky Indiana Jones ripoff from my childhood. So when I stayed home sick from work with all the intentions in the world of buckling down and focusing on getting stuff ready for the move and maybe finally doing some baby-birthing related research my wife would respect (not just watching Bill Cosby again), I saw this on whatever channel has stupid old movies nobody watches and just sat still for three hours.

It was weird. The main character was a neurosurgeon astronaut in a rock band, among other things. His nemesis was an insane John Lithgow (was there any other kind in the 80s?). There was some weird stuff I only half-followed (which was enough) about aliens who look like us and walk among us unless you have this special potion or wear certain classes or something.

Long story short, it was interesting and completely worthy of watching on a sick day from work by myself. But probably under no other circumstances. 5 bugs (out of 10).

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