Double Feature Duel (Rd3): Adjustment Bureau vs. Source Code

Double Feature Duel (Rd3):
Adjustment Bureau vs. Source Code

The best application of quantum physics in a movie not explicitly about quantum physics against a 6-bug movie who played in a bracket with a 5.5-bug movie, a 3-bug movie and a 1-bug movie. I have a favorite.

Title: OK. First challenge. I like it. Both are a geeky indication of things to come. But Adjustment Bureau threw off the scent, as it could have easily been another courtroom thriller. As evidenced by the fact that I thought it was. (Point, Adjustment 1-0)

Funnier: The Russell Peters cameo isn’t going to reach that far. (Point, Adjustment Bureau 2-0)

Better Turn: I loved the turn in Source Code. It gave the movie the awesome purpose that we’d see over the next hour. But it didn’t make my eyes bulge and my jaw drop. Score one for me not seeing it coming. (Point, Adjustment 3-0)

Better Ending: Whoa! Look who jumped out to an early lead! Kinda like the actual movie before it shot itself in the foot. (Point, Source Code 3-1)

Better Message: Neither really sets out to change the world, but I’m taking away points from Adjustment Bureau for the saccharin-laced pixie stick it forced down my throat at the end. (Point, Source Code 3-2)

Better Acting: I’m trying to figure out a marquee moment in either film and the only one I’m coming up with is the bathroom scene in Adjustment Bureau. So I guess that wins it. Wow. (Point, Adjustment 4-2)

More Creative: I’ll certainly give a nod to Adjustment Bureau for competing. Most movies would get lapped by Source Code in this category. (Point, Source Code4-3)

Poster: After competing against two movies from 40 years ago, Adjustment Bureau isn’t getting the same escape clause here. And it’s a shame that they opted not to compete in this category, because it could have earned this underdog an accidental trip to the Elite Eight. (Point, Source Code 4-4)

Watch again: And it’s over. I may actually watch Source Code and The Nines again before I write the next MvM because I like them both that much. Not the case with Adjustment Bureau, the last 20 minutes of which I wish I could unsee from the first go around. (Point, Source Code 4-5)

Overall: Well, Source Code was never ahead and that was kinda scary. But it survived. And now for the first ever matchup of two 10-bug movies. I know I’m excited. Winner: Source Code (5-4)

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