Double Feature Duel (Rd4): The Nines vs. Source Code

Double Feature Duel (Rd4):
The Nines vs. Source Code

10 vs. 10. A first in the very short history of the Double Feature Duel. And since the winner of this will get to square off against Big Fish, it won’t be the last. So will it be the existential romp through multiple worlds that raises questions about consciousness and creation? Or the other existential romp through multiple worlds that raises questions about consciousness and creation? If I were a betting man, I’d say it was going to be the existential romp through (do ya get it, yet?)…

Title: This is my fourth critique for each of these movies and I’m just now beginning to figure out that the title of Source Code has very little to actually do with the movie. Besides, I love the abstruseness of “The Nines.” And I’m tired of writing the word “ambiguity.” (Point, The Nines 1-0)

Funnier: You could pretty much just flip a coin here. But I don’t know why you would do that. The Nines is easily the funnier flick. (Point, The Nines 2-0)

Better Turn: The Nines has a very complicated turn. Like a string theory-type of turn that changed directions into another dimension. Or like starting over in MegaMan 2. Either way, I’m taking the more proper, yet still dramatic turn from the other guy. (Point, Source Code 2-1)

Better Ending: Hoo-ah! The first real challenge. Both were super strong and very geeky. Both wind up posing some very interesting questions about reality, though the complexity that Source Code conveys with such clarity is, shall I say, quite neat. (Point, Source Code 2-2)

Better Message: I can’t say enough about the questions that The Nines posed, which I understand are not necessarily a “message” per se. But Source Code was out at the bar when the message competition took place. (Point, The Nines 3-2)

Better Acting: Yes, I know Jake was nominated for an Oscar, but he didn’t get to play 3 different characters in his movie. (Point, The Nines 4-2)

Poster: Once again, I hate the gun and the tagline from Source Code. But The Nines went a little too far toward “Shhh! Don’t let anyone know what this movie is about. Or that it exists.” Which is why I didn’t know it existed until the morning I saw it. (Point, Source Code 4-3)

More Creative: In previous rounds, I have said it would take a miracle to lose this category about both movies. I guess this is a miracle then. And I’m going to have to go with Source Code here just because I fear that I’ve been giving a little too much credit to The Nines for the parts I don’t fully understand. (Point, Source Code 4-4)

Watch again: This is kinda tough because I really want to see them both again. But it’s also not really tough at all, because I don’t think there’s a movie out there that I want to see again more than The Nines right now. At least not one where the women keep their clothes on the whole time. (Point, The Nines 5-4)

Overall: And so The Nines wins the battle of the tens. I guess it was slightly tennier than Source Code. Congrats. Now onto the Cincinnati Quadrant. Winner: The Nines (5-4)

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