The History

This blog is pretty steeped in history, having started on March 3, 1995, well before anybody knew what a blog was. Back then, I sent out my “posts” via e-mail to people. This continued until Joe and John Titlow made me a little website in 2006. Take a journey with the Quote of the Day from a little e-mail sent out to 23 people back in 1995 to the website it became 12 years after that silly little e-mail.

Along the way, my tastes and my writing got significantly more refined. What started out as almost exclusively sexual innuendos taken out of context became sociopolitical rants with actual thought and correctly spelled words. Check out how the Quote of the Day has matured since it began back before I learned about the positive effects of alcohol or sex.

I performed my first standup act on a Coffee House stage in the summer of 1995. It went over like a hydrogen zeppelin (it went very well). I then proceeded to not get up on stage again until December 5, 2007, over 12 years later. Once again, it went over like a group of people who bust up gangs well. The full story of my standup/storytelling career has yet to be told. But when it is, it will appear as a little link right below this paragraph.

  • This is what it will look like


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