Every Other Morning

Every Other Morning

There comes a time in all of your lives when you have to just look at the actual date and realize it doesn’t correlate with the QOTD date and accept it and move on. Today is going to be another one of those times. Tomorrow looks about the same also. If you must know why I do this, it’s because years from now, when I look back on all these quotes in trying to put together my autobiography, “Everything Sucks; A Life In the Life of Me,” I’m going to try to convince myself I was very orderly and did all these quotes on the actual day the message says. This last paragraph, however, is going to throw a serious wrench into things. Oh well. But anyway, that’s why I backdate a lot of these. The underlying reason, of course, is that I’m lazy, late, and anal, a lethal combination of character traits. Kind of like being drunk, covered in gasoline, and at a campfire with people who want to kill you. But probably not that lethal.

A billion years ago, Tony, Meawad and I drove down to Florida for Spring Break. Before we left, we made a bet on which song we’d hear the most often on the way down, knowing that we’d be using the seek feature on the radio. My bet was Slide, and Tony’s was Every Morning. Chris probably picked something, but he wasn’t close to being in the running. Probably It’s Raining Men or something like that. Anyway, we had driven all the way down and around Fla and were almost out of Virginia on our way back, with me ahead by 1. Tony picked up his cell phone and called HFS

Quote Of the Day 9/8/00

“I know this might be a strange request, but in about 20 minutes, could you play Every Morning twice?”


Well, his attempts at cheating failed and I won the bet anyway! In fact, I question whether or not he actually placed the call. Now that I think about it, it was a thumb and a finger masquerading as a phone, but that isn’t nearly as funny.

Better late than loser,

Gimp Master D.

Still Stranded Right Here…

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