Double Feature Duel (Final Four): Rise of the of the Apes Planet vs. Super 8

Double Feature Duel (Final Four):
Rise of the of the Apes Planet  vs. Super 8

One and a half of the more enjoyable surprise movies I’ve seen in the past year take on each other for a chance to challenge The Nines in the championship. Can Super 8 continue its run based on the charms of Elle Fanning and the standard JJ Abrams opening 20 minutes?

Title: I don’t have a lot of actual criteria for this thing here, but titles that give marquee changers carpal tunnel syndrome lose. (Point, Super 0-1)
Funnier: As much as I want to include the clever homages to the original POTA in this, they weren’t exactly funny. Super 8 was. (Point, Super 0-2)
Better Turn: I do love both of these turns, or at least what I’ve decided the turns are. The train derailing scene is quintessential JJ Abrams (which means he did it in Lost too) and Caesar closing the jail cell and opting to stay with the apes in captivity were both awesome. But I’ll go with the scene that drove the plot along better than the other. (Point, Rise 1-2)
Better Ending: Super 8 may have beat Adjustment Bureau in this category. But none of the other 62 movies. Including this one. (Point, Rise 2-2)
Better Message: Super 8 does make a decent statement about xenophobia, while Rise warns of the dangers of animal testing and makes a subtle statement (for those that weren’t paying attention) about classism. I favor subtlety. (Point, Rise 3-2)
Better Acting: Golem vs. Dakota Fanning’s little sis. I have been very vocal (to my 3 blog readers) about how I think Andy Serkis should have gotten an Oscar nomination for his work as Caesar. Or at least how it would have been cool. I have also said how much I enjoy Elle Fanning and the rest of the supporting cast of Super 8. As much as I enjoyed Serkis, I am really impressed with the comedy the new kids were able to create in Super 8. (Point, Super 3-3)
Poster: Super 8 is not going to lose this to many movies. This one included. (Point, Super 3-4)
More Creative: This is where I’ll give Rise its due for all the homages to the original. The name Caesar, the nickname Blue Eyes, the model of the Statue of Liberty, the first word he spoke, etc. etc. And in the end, Super 8 just turned out to be another misunderstood alien movie. (Point, Rise 4-4)
Watch again: These are two of the few movies in this contest I actually saw twice since the tournament began. And this is a tough call. I watched Super 8 twice before returning the DVD because I wanted Jenn to see it and I watched Rise in the theaters and again on DVD because I wanted Jenn to see it. So if I had to pick one to show my 18-year old daughter, I’d have to go with Rise. Congrats. (Point, Rise 5-4)
Overall: I know it seems like I make these close on purpose sometimes and I really know who’s going to win, but that is not the case my friend. I thought Super 8 might have pulled it out. And now, onto the finals. Winner: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (5-4)
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