And Then There Were Three

And Then There Were Three

So there are a lot of people getting engaged right now. I don’t think I’m going to get any vacations this year, just a ride around a massive wedding carousel. Among the 6 that I already have on my plate are my sister and my best friend Joe from high school. Now, I’m pickled as punch about my sis and J-Me, but I need to talk about Joe’s impending doom for a sec, because it may affect more than just he and Becky.

See, the Four Horsemen (Kev, Mike, Joe and I) all kinda predicted the order in which we’d all get married after high school. And there was a very clear sequence in which this was supposed to happen. Kevin, Mike, me and then Joe. Kevin got married and that’s all I’ll say. The rest of us are still in the wading pool trying to figure out how to get to the deep end. Apparently Joe found a map. Or was given a map. Or got horse collared and drug to the deep end. I’m still not sure how it all went down. Anyway, this sacred event isn’t happening until next September thankfully. This means that Mike has to hurry up and get his ass through the intersection so I can squeeze my bumper over the crosswalk before the damn light changes. At least he’s got the head start of a girlfriend. I don’t know that I’ve been on what could be considered a date since maybe March. I don’t think people date in this town (please refer to my Brick Street rant if you want further clarification, that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now). So I’ve got some work to do. Look out world! I have a five dollar bet I made 27 years ago to force to come true…

Quote of the Day 2/13/06

“Do you want me to invite you to my wedding or do you just want to crash it?”
– The Future Mr. Becky Titlow

I kinda want to crash it to be honest. But I still want to have food and a place to sit. So I just won’t send my invitation back in. See Ferg, you’re not the only one.

Crashing and burning,

Big Fish.

Still Standing Right Here…

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