I’ve gotten very comfortable around gay people in the past couple years. Maybe it’s because of that time I was having sex with a guy who turned out to be gay. Seriously though, I’ve always been pretty open to all things, especially when it comes to sexual deviation. But since I started working in the Mt. Vernon area of Baltimore and at a primarily-continuing education school, I’ve been exposed to a lot more openly gay people than I was for three years in the Midwest Bible Belt of Conservativeland, Ohio. So I don’t think much about it. If somebody is willingly “out,” I don’t find it taboo to refer to them as gay when describing him or her to someone. Nor do I find it weird to talk to them about their partners or anything I wouldn’t normally feel uncomfortable talking about. I see the difference as just a preference they have that I don’t, like talking to a Redskins fan. And yet, it makes some people uncomfortable. I was joking around about the Hippo Bar being the Coyote Ugly of gay bars. This comment made the already outed friend in our group clam up and think I had a problem with gay people. Sadly, this happens too often. I would guess that people who are not gay but talk about it openly enough to joke about it are more than likely viewed as homo-bashing than homo-friendly. So I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t feel the need to walk on egg shells around the subject and it makes me look like more of an ass to some people. So I have to treat something that’s not a big deal to me like it is so I don’t come across wrong now. As a country, we’ve gotten way too homophobophobic.

Still Standing Right Here…

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  1. You have an excellent point. I actually went back in to edit it. I also threw in a line about seeing our differences just like rooting for different football teams that I was thinking about over the weekend. But thanks for the catch. Now only you and I will ever know.

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