The Last Day of Giftmas: Cutting My Losses

Perhaps I bit off more than I could chew. Or my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Or something about food and plate size or something. But there wasn’t even any way I was going to get to 12 of these posts. Not when I have a toddler running around that knows when I’m ignoring her now. And not when I have a manuscript I’m supposed to be working on. And not when I have another blog I’m ignoring. And especially not when the Eagles are in the playoffs.

So I’m going to have to cut my losses and apologize to my loyal fan base of spambots and get back to work on one of my many other projects (trying to sleep through the night being at the top of the list) and save the other two good ideas (and the six fillers)¬†for Giftmas posts until next year. Or more correctly, this year. Until then, I’ll pop in when something that doesn’t immediately have to do with my darling little CEO needs writing about.

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