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Here are the different social media ways to contact me or follow me or poke me, etc.

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Note: I do the facebook thing pretty regularly. Twitter bores me. Email is pretty intimate but pretty efficient. You could also just hang out in front of my house and wait for me to get my mail. That’s the best way to contact me.

One thought on “To Contact

  1. Hey Dustin -
    I just felt I should say something! I hardly knew you at UMBC (I had friends who knew you), but, like you, I reflect on a regular basis. I just read your “Giftmas” posting, and I just want to say, first of all, that you have a wonderful wife and baby. Sounds like alot has happened for you in this past year! Anyway, yeah, you are one lucky dude to have great people in your life. I also think that you have the most important job in the world right now. You are a stay at home dad. Period. Yes, I do think that American society does not value child rearing – which is evident in all the violence and shittiness found in schools and many of our children – who have NOT been raised by parents who truly love them and care for them. There’s too much insanity these days. I see my brother and sister raising children, and it’s a fucking draining and tough job. The most important one on the planet. But many times, it’s a thankless job. And nobody pays you. So yeah, alot of people don’t talk about that. Anyway, I’m happy for you, and I hardly knew you – but I was glad I discovered you’re out there and you have a great wife and child. I’ll just now say a few words about “getting older” – I think I see it differently than you do. I think I’m a hell of alot more educated and wiser than I was when I was 19. Hell, I was an idiot at 19. I value important, meaningful things now. I know what kind of a difference I need to make now. I know what real love is now. I know why I made shitty decisions in the past now. Now is when I can become better because of all of this. In America, getting older is not valued. Looking great and having lots of sex is valued. Being experienced and wiser with life situations is not valued. Well, I’ve never been conventional.. and I never will be. I’m glad I’m older and wiser and I can see what and who I need to be to make a difference in my world. My hopes and dreams have evolved over time, and they’ll probably evolve some more – because I will have learned more. I think maybe I should move to a place with a culture that values things that aren’t superficial.. THAT would make ME happier!
    I’m happy for you Dustin… The dude with the pink hat!

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