Giftmas, The Word: The Sixth Day of Giftmas 2011

Giftmas, The Word: The Sixth Day of Giftmas 2011
A point of note about the word “Giftmas” before I continue much further because I found myself saying it a lot tonight at the two Holiday Parties or Winter Soirees or whatever you want to call them.
I’m not trying to offend anyone by using it. I feel the need to say that because it’s not always the case. Like the people that think Tim Tebow is winning games because God loves him more. These are people who need to be poked a little bit. Thankfully, if I’m correct, they can take it.
Oops. I got sidetracked. Anyway, I remember people in Church when I was young telling me never to spell out Xmas, because it takes the Christ out of Christmas. And it makes sense. And I’ve written extensively on this a few years back in “The True Meaning of Giftmas.” So I understand why people (hardcore Christians without a sense of humor) take offense to the replacement of Christ not just with an “x” which is basically just a placeholder for the much longer Christ, but with the very materialistic and similar sounding gift. And let’s face it, people (hardcore Christians without a sense of humor) – you don’t pronounce the “Christ” in Christmas the correct way anyway. If looked at even just a little bit closer, it sounds more like the celebration of a chain of overpriced but yummy steak restaurants than the son of man, whatever that means. So who’s more blasphemous?
Sorry. Sidetracked again. So, the reason I came up with and have been regularly using the term Giftmas is to include everyone, not to exclude anyone. And the term really gets to the heart of what the holiday is about. I understand that there are religious ties to the holiday, but it seems to be more of a celebration of family and friends than of religion. And that’s OK, people (see above). It’s a time of loving and sharing and exchanging of material things – some thoughtful and poignant, some useless and plastic. Not all family members share the same religious beliefs and I know that’s not cool in some families, but it is in most. Or at least it’s ignored and if the subject accidentally comes up, the conversation is steered towards fantasy football.
So when I tell you to have a Merry Giftmas, it’s like I’m saying the incredibly annoying Happy Holidays, only I’m calling a spade a spade and selling out the holiday for what it really is. Pun intended. Because what else would you call a holiday that would bring together a few different religions? Exactly. You’re welcome.
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