What Your Favorite Holiday Song Says About You: The Eighth Day of Giftmas 2011

What Your Favorite Holiday Song Says About You:
The Eighth Day of Giftmas 2011
12 Days of Christmas: You enjoy forcing sing-alongs at office parties AND/OR you are very insecure and like to prove your worth to everyone around by showing that you memorized the quantity and activity of all the different random birds, lords and pipers in this song.
Do They Know it’s Christmas (Band Aid):You pay 55 cents a month to an African foster child AND/OR you were in Peace Corps.
Christmas in Hollis (Run DMC): You were into hip hop back before they were all thugs AND/OR you enjoy seeing Alan Rickman thrown from very tall buildings.
The Hannakuh Song (Adam Sandler): You long for the days of Saturday Night Live with the most dick jokes per minute AND/OR you are Jewish.
Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Bruce Springsteen): You are in your fifties AND/OR you want people to think you’re cool and this is the song you think will make people think that.
All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey): You know that Mariah is in the Guinness Book of World Records for singing in 8 different octaves AND/OR you waited in line for opening day of New Year’s Eve just in case.
Feliz Navidad (Jose Feleciano): You eat at least five meals a week at Taco Bell AND/OR you play 20v20 soccer in the dirt without shoes or goalies and call it football.
Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (Elmo and Patsy): You are five AND/OR six.
Hard Candy Christmas (Dolly Parton):You were in a community theater production of The Biggest Little Whorehouse in Texas AND/OR you own stock in Jolly Ranchers.
Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses):You really love or really hate that cranberry sauce became a part of this tradition somehow, but you’re passionate about it either way AND/OR you think it’s still 1982.
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