A Giftmas Miracle – Part 2: The Ninth Day of Giftmas 2011

A Giftmas Miracle – Part 2: The Ninth Day of Giftmas 2011
So you’re sayin there a chance!

Thank you so much Santa, for giving us the gift of another week of hope. Of all the games that we needed, the most improbable of them was a Redskins victory over the Giants. On any given week, Mark Sanchez can play anywhere from horrible to serviceably well and Tony Romo’s inconsistencies –  especially in December – are very well-documented. But relying on Rex Grossman to win a game against a Giants team that came 4 points away from beating the undefeatable Packers was a tall order. But somehow, you managed to keep hope alive. Now onto the next phase:

It’s pretty simple now, especially after the Detroit comeback. Not easy, but simple. We cannot get the wild card now that two teams in the North (GB and DET) and two teams in the South (NO and ATL) both have at least 9 wins. The only way we can get to the playoffs is through the East. And the only way that can happen is with a three way tie at 8-8. This means PHI needs to win out and have DAL lose out and NYG lose one game. Thankfully, we play each other a couple times so we can take out two birds with one stone. Because if PHI played ATL this week and DAL played SF, we’d need both games to go a certain way. But since we play each other, a PHI win=a DAL loss. One stone. Two birds. Same in week 17 when NYG plays DAL. And all four games are very even or favorable matchups. Four games left. One in 16 chance (again, if flipping coins). And here’s how it shakes out:
Week 16: NYG vs. NYJ, 1:00pm: PHI needs NYJ to win. NYJ favored by 2.5. Home game for NYJ. Also home game for NYG. Giants known for choking away leads in December. Jets known for inconsistent quarterback play. Both these facts are good for the cause. Projected result: NYJ win. 1 in 8 chance.
Week 16: PHI vs. DAL, 4:15pm: PHI needs to win. DAL favored by 1. DAL lost to PHI by 27 earlier this year. DAL not eliminated with loss. PHI will know before game starts if they have a chance. Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray still hurt. Romo famous for sucking in December. Would be very funny if PHI wins. Result: PHI win. 1 in 4 chance and a reason to watch football next week.
Week 17: PHI vs. WAS, 1:00pm: PHI needs to win. Projected line: PHI favored by 11 (projected by me based on very little – not taking bets). WAS has nothing to play for, never does in December. PHI beat WAS easily earlier in year. Rex Grossman still sucks. Result: PHI win. 1 in 2 chance.
Week 17: DAL vs. NYG, 8:20pm (projected flex game): NYG need to win. Projected line: pick em’. By kickoff, NYG will know they’re eliminated, will motivate them more. NYG beat DAL a few weeks ago in closing minutes on blocked field goal. Some BS like that will happen again. Result: NYG win. 1 in 1 chance.
If nothing else, PHI should make the playoffs just because it would be funny. Same with the Chiefs. But that’s a story for another day. And once we get in the playoffs, look out world. We’re playing with house money. Let’s go out and show the world that you can win the Superbowl even with two 4-game losing streaks in the middle of your season. Man, would that piss off a lot of people. Especially, CHI, SEA and ARI who will all have better records than us and be sitting at home watching the playoffs like me. Vince, the Dream Team is back on!
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