Double Feature Duel (Rd2): The Man Who Wasn’t There vs. Shrek Forever After

Double Feature Duel (Rd2):
The Man Who Wasn’t There vs. Shrek Forever After

A movie that shouldn’t have gotten this far against a movie that I didn’t even realize I hadn’t seen. Next ticket to the Sweet 16 goes to…

Title: I love how Shrek turned “Shrek 4” into “Shrek Forever After,” but it’s unfortunately matched up against the best title in the tournament so far. (Point, Man 1-0)
Funnier: Saving ink. (Point, Shrek 1-1)
Better Turn: The Coen Brothers know how to turn. (Point, Man 2-1)
Better Ending: The Coen Brothers do have a way of closing out a movie that not only twists around and turns back in on itself like a Mobius strip, but also isn’t a musical montage to a Carpenters song. (Point, Man 3-1)
Better Message: Shrek actually had a message. It’s not the Coen Brothers’ strong suit. (Point, Shrek 3-2)
Better Acting: Live action that doesn’t completely suck > animation. (Point, Man 4-2)
More Creative: The Man Who Wasn’t There was a triumph of mood that put me back in that time period and I can’t believe it’s going to pull off another upset. Cinderella is dancing. (Point, Man 5-2)
Poster: It ain’t ogre til it’s ogre. I’ll take that over the overly slanted text. (Point, Shrek 5-3)
Watch again: I think I may need to watch The Man Who Wasn’t There again just to remind myself how much I didn’t like it so it doesn’t win the whole damn thing. (Point, Shrek 5-4)
Overall: I can’t believe this 4-bug movie beat 7 and 6.5-bug movies to get to the Sweet 16. Winner: The Man Who Wasn’t There (5-4)
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