Double Feature Duel (Rd2): Bucket List vs. Platoon

Double Feature Duel (Rd2):
Bucket List vs. Platoon
Can Oliver Stone’s signature film take out two Jack Nicholson movies in a row?
Title: Whether the word “platoon” was a big part of our culture or not before the movie came out is somewhat irrelevant because the movie now pretty much owns the word. (Point, Platoon 0-1)
Funnier: Saving time and ink. Not that anyone is going to print this out. (Point, Bucket List 1-1)
Better Turn: Getting terminal cancel and deciding to go skydiving was a great turn, but it’s up against the brutal and unpredictable murder of a fellow platoon member. (Point, Platoon 1-2)
Better Ending: Surprisingly charming and thoughtful for a movie I thought would have just been a collection of funny scenes with old guys. (Point, Bucket List 2-2)
Better Message: Since you’re alive, you may as well live. (Point, Bucket List 3-2)
Better Acting: Four Oscars go up against a talented cast with only one Oscar. No, not Tom Beringer, Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp or even Charlie Sheen. Forest Whitaker. Yeah, talented cast. But not as talented. (Point, Bucket List 4-2)
More Creative: Oliver Stone forced his cast to sleep out in the jungle working 18-hour days to try to replicate the mood of war. I’ll give him his due credit. (Point, Platoon 4-3)
Poster: Platoon had not one, but two iconic posters to choose from. Which certainly beats a picture of a half smiling Nicholson and Freeman. (Point, Platoon 4-4)
Watch again: I really want to see Bucket List one more time before I die. (Point, Bucket List 5-4)
Overall: Well, Nicholson gets his revenge against the movie that knocked out About Schmidt. Can they stop the biggest Cinderella of the tournament next round? Winner: Bucket List (5-4)
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