Double Feature Duel (Rd4): Rise of the Planet of the Apes vs. The Bucket List

Double Feature Duel (Rd4):
Rise of the Planet of the Apes vs. The Bucket List

Bucket List may have had the easiest road to the Elite 8 in the tournament. It gets a lot harder now.

Title: I really wanted to see Bucket List before I died [joke recycled from last MvM]. (Point, Bucket 0-1)
Funnier: Jack Nicholson goes potty humor. Nice. (Point, Bucket 0-2)
Better Turn: Best turn of the tournament. And I don’t say that lightly. (Point, Rise 1-2)
Better Ending: There was a lot going on at the end of Rise. And all of it was good to awesome. (Point, Rise 2-2)
Better Message: Both of these had decent messages to convey, but I think Bucket’s was more poignant, where Rise’s was more gratuitous. (Point, Bucket 2-3)
Better Acting: It takes a lot to knock down Morgan and Jack. But Golem dressed up like a monkey is just the guy to do it. (Point, Rise 3-3)
More Creative: Saving ink. Even in the Elite 8. (Point, Rise 4-3)
Poster: Haunting. (Point, Rise 5-3)
Watch again: Once again, it’s one of two DVDs I have from Netflix right now. And I just told Tony tonight that he has to watch it. (Point, Rise 6-3)
Overall: Well, it was a fun run, guys. But just like in the movie, Apes triumph over humans. Winner: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (6-3)
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