Long Fence University

Well, they decided to do more construction on UMBC’s campus today. I didn’t think they could find any more room. They’regoing to level the golf range (it’s about time) and make a looooonnnnnng grasspractice field out of it where people who play real sports can practice. I justcan’t wait until the day when the entire University is completely saturated in construction.We’ll be building piles of dirt out of other piles of dirt and tearing downbuildings before they’re finished being built. I’ve already started tellingpeople that I’m in charge of intramurals for Long Fence University. And they’reofficially changing the name of the Loop to Stop Sign Central. When I graduateda year and 4 months ago, you could drive around the loop and only have to stopat two stop signs and a light. If it was red, of course. Otherwise, you’relikely to cause an accident. Well, today, you would need to (or at least you’resupposed to) stop at seven stop signs and that same light. Pretty soon they’regoing to lose perspective and start putting them up where there aren’t even intersections.Once they start doing that, I’m leaving LFU permanently. But I’m just going todrive around the thing without stopping until I get pulled over first. That’llshow ’em!

This quote came from a pool party I went to with Tony. Tony and I were in thepool making conversation with (flirting with) this cute girl who mentioned thather sister was going to school for theater (or music or something; I was busylooking at her boobs) in Boston. The following conversation ensued…

Quote Of the Day 9/8/99

Me: “Is she going to BU?”
Tony: “No, she’s going to be herself.”

Get it? BU=be you! See, it’s funny now, isn’t it?

Loving Velveeta’s logo,
Rick Hemarten.

Still Standing Right Here…

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