Valentines Aftermath

WOW!!!! That was the most replies we’ve gotten in a while! I personally don’t mind them, because I have nothing better to do than to dink around in the computer lab anyway, but try to keep the one line unnecessary replies to a minimum. Most people hate paging through a lot of crap just to get to “HeHeHe. That was funny.” And I don’t want a rerun of last year, where everybody asked to stop getting the quote not because of the quote, but because they couldn’t tolerate the replies. I already had one person ask to be discluded from the list and whoever mails me back with who it is first, gets a dollar. That sounds fun, and relatively cheap.

Secondly, Weed: I know as well as you do that I don’t despise love or a holiday that celebrates it. But I, as do most people, knock it because we are without others and don’t want to be depressed on such a day that promoted love. A rational alternative is to if nothing else, pretend to be bitter. Besides, I’m so good at it. Ask Laura. Thirdly, Chris and my little attempt to bring smiles to all the girls of Susquehanna (and scattered few in the other dorms), did not have the turnout we expected. Two were actually returned (very cold), and a few people have told me that other people that we gave Valentines to think Chris or myself is obsessed with them. So instead of 210 girls thinking we did something sweet on Valentines Day, 210 girls think we’re stalking them. But I did get a few compliments, so thanks those of you who did. But actually, most people were more confused than enlightened by the gesture. Oh, well.

Going along with the theme of bitterness, I was having a conversation of Greg about one of his first ex-girlfriends and he had this to say about her…

Quote of the Day 2/15/96

“I cried for three days. It was a really bitter break-up. But then she got fat and I felt better.”
Your favorite Greg and mine.

Sleeping with the television on,

Still Standing Right Here…

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