Thinking Before He Thinks

Quote Of the Day 5/9


Hi. I hope you all are doing well in your respective finals (for those of us who haven’t gone home already). And before I say anything else, I wanted to apologize to Kate for going off on her like I did. I started out just poking fun of her humor and… Anyway, I guess it’s just been a little too long of a year. For those of you who are old hands to the quote of the day, you’re probably bored with the quote by now (John) and it’s just another stupid thing in your inbox. I admit, the novelty wears off after so long. Maybe it’ll be fun again at the start of next year, but I’ll try and make these next three messages tolerable. Don’t worry, I’ll avoid talking about the life insurance quote I’m dealing with right now.

This quote comes from Billy. I could get like a week’s worth of quotes if I just sat and listened to him talk for an hour. Well, he had a thought one day, and almost blurted it out loud, without thinking. But he didn’t. And to this, he said:

Quote Of the Day 5/9

“I have to remember to think before I think.”

-Billy Taylor

And for those of you who don’t know where it came from, here’s part of a song I wrote back in high school:

I know many people
Have stood where I stand.
I’ve been searching for years now
For just one honest man.
People tell me I can trust them
And then they’ll play their little games.
And then I tell them I’ll be faithful
And sometimes I act the same.

But I’ve tried and I’ve tried,
And I’ve lied and I’ve lied,
Still Standing Right Here…

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