Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places

I know Valentine’s Day is not the most fun day in the world for most of the people I hang out with, but here’s my advice. Get over it. It shouldn’t depress you if you aren’t seeing somebody at this time of year. I mean think about all the poor unfortunate guys who are seeing somebody right now. They are probably all stressing out because they have some sort of societal standard to live up to. That’s what I always did (OK, once) when I was actually seeing somebody when this day rolled around. Believe me, we’re better off than them. And some people decided to celebrate the holiday by playing Quake in their room. Hey, there’s a much shorter line than the Cheesecake Factory, the prices are lower, and you’re supplied with grenades and bazookas at your discretion. Beat that! Well, anyway, Robyn, Angela and Tracy were all encouraging Greg to go out and do something on this day of love. Angela brought up the fact that… well, hell, here’s the whole conversation…

Quote of the Day 2/14/1998

Angela: “You have to go out today. You have your touch me, feel me shirt on.”
Robyn: “Yeah, you need to start trying to find someone.”
Greg: “I AM trying!”
Me: “Greg, there aren’t any in your room.”
Greg: (pause) “I didn’t say I was trying hard.”

That’s the attitude, Greg. Eventually, they will come to you. Take it from a guy that’s been single for over a year. I know. 😉

Love, loneliness, and revenge,

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