So we left Boone. There’s only so much excitement one person can take before one decides that he needs to drive down Orlando and relax a little bit. So off we went. And we kept going. My mom asked where I went in Florida and I told her “Orlando, then Tallahassee, then
Jacksonville.” She responded by asking me if I actually got out of the car. Actually, we didn’t even think of that. That might have made for an even more fun time. Oh well. Maybe this summer.

So anyway, we drove all over the place and got on each other’s nerves a few times. Actually, Meawad and Tony got on MY nerves. They had absolutely no problems with me. Well, anyway, we had just gotten back into Maryland and were dropping Chris off at his house after this stupid vacation. Julie, also known as ChickWad, asked Chris if after all that time together in the same car if we were still friends…

Quote Of the Day 3/31/99

“Actually, I never even really liked these guys in the first place.”


Chris’ sister and dad laughed, but Tony and I just sort of looked at each other and nodded.

Honorary wad of the week,


Still Standing Right Here…

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