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You guys want to know what just happened? This got me REALLY pissed off. I was already finished a quote of the day about my new apartment and I had postponed it so I could send another message to somebody on the list first. When I opened it back up to send it, I missed the [ctrl]-x command to send it and accidentally hit the [ctrl]-c key to cancel the message. So all the work I did with the quote about my new apartment went down the figurative electronic drain. Now everybody look down at your keyboard. How #@$!~*@ stupid is that? Putting the cancel command and the send command right next to each other?!? I can’t believe I haven’t done this yet in my 6 years of using this program. You’re all lucky you’re not here, because I’d give whoever it was a swift kick in the preverbal nuts.

That reminds me of a funny story from years back. I was typing a 15 page paper my freshman year and I had gotten to about 11 pages at 4 in the morning. I was becoming tired, cranky, and very sick of this paper. So I took the mouse, highlighted the entire document, and started playing with the margins, the fonts, the font sizes, the line spacing, and whatever I could think of to make an 11 page paper into a 15 page paper. Well, I don’t know if it was an attack of morality or a bowl of Smack Ramen noodles, but I got a second wind. I decided to try to sit down and finish the paper legitimately. So I wanted things to go back to the way they were. In my delirious awakenness, I somehow thought that the backspace key would do that. (Keep in mind again that the entire document is currently highlighted.) So the entire document disappeared. I reached out to grab it as it disappeared, like I was going to pull it back out of the monitor like Coach did in Poltergeist. Only with a kid, not a UNIX document. Hey, no problem, right? There’s an undo function in Word Perfect, even in the 3.1 version (this was back in 93). Anybody know what the keyboard command was for undo? Well, it was also [ctrl]-x. I’m a keyboard kind of guy, I don’t need to use the mouse to go all the way up there and hit “Edit” and go to “Undo.” So I went to undo it and accidentally hit the key right above the x (Look down)… Anybody know what [ctrl]-s is on WP for 3.1? It’s save, just like it is on every other word processing program ever. So, in case you’ve gotten lost in the last paragraph, I’ve now saved a blank document overtop of an 11 page paper trying to masquerade as a 15 page paper. There is absolutely nothing I can do from here, trust me. Game Over!! Dustin Loses!! On top of having just lost my entire paper, I was out $250 to replace Doug’s monitor. My knuckles healed on their own.

Conversation overheard at volleyball practice last week:

Quote of the Day 4/11/99

After a hard hit…

Michelle: “Mielke! Did you just hit that with your tongue out? That’s so Michel Jordan!”
Me: “Well Bart hits it with his pants down.”
Clint: “That’s more like Michael Jackson.”

Tony hits like Michael Stipes. He complains about the lack of government action to stop the environmental decay of the universe while he’s up in the air.

Hitting like George Michael,

Wussy Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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