Designated Drink Designator

Designated Drink Designator

Call me a homosexual if you guys want to, but I don’t really like Shania Twain. I think she’s a sell-out. And not just because she stopped singing country music and started singing crap. Well, actually, that’s exactly why. She was doing really well with Any Man of Mine and Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under, then she has to go and suck it up with her latest crap. Still the One is borderline, but I can’t stand the rest of it. It’s like a big “look at my body and listen to me wail random notes in 4 different unintelligible octaves” fest. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s alright… (bad pun not included)

This quote comes from a little post-Sugar Ray get together I was in attendance at in the apartment of a few people I’d wager to say most of you don’t know. It was a hell of a time though, I’ll tell you that! One of the best parties I’ve ever been at. Any party that has Stryker, Harris, and me playing the same drinking game is bound to have an unfair advantage though. Especially when there are several young attractive ladies shouting “Lick me, lick me, Zoomie Zoomie” at me. Anyway, Michelle Christiansen was there. She doesn’t drink and won’t cuss either (thus declaring her exempt from the game we were playing two-fold), but she likes to try to fit in anyway. So whenever I would screw up, she’d be off in the distance somewhere shouting at me to drink more. So with this, I turned to Stryker and asked him who the hell she thought she was, to which he replied…

Quote Of the Day 4/27/99

“She’s the designated drink designator.”

-Strike me, Strike me.

I made him have to remind me of that, and we both forgot about it until 4 days later.

OK. So you’re a rocket scientist,
Lick me. Lick me.

Still Standing Right Here…

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