Guest QOTD: Jacy

Hey all! I have exciting news! SGA finally transferred the funds that Jacy sent me for the quote of the day application. He passed the comedy background check and everything. Now that the paperwork has gone through, here’s Jacy’s quote of the day for 4/28/99 (though it happened a while ago)…

First of all, I’d like to apologize for not being Dustin, but he wasn’t there, and I feel that the world can benefit from the humor implicit in the quote he missed. I found this quote funny because it was about sex, and anybody with any sense of intelligence at all will agree with me. The real world sucks. Stay in school for as long as you can.

Since I graduated in May, I have been teaching six- year- olds at McDonogh School. One day in class, we were discussing what we wanted to be when we grew up. The kids came up with stuff like “lawyer”, “doctor”, “skunk repairman”, etc. One child, Dana (who is six) came up with the following gem:

Quote Of the Day 4/28/99
“I’m going to be a hooker when I grow up.”

Well, if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!

Russ, I’ll give you her number when she achieves her goal,

The kids call me “Mr. D.”

…and fixin skunks is all I do.

Not bad for a start. I think I may need to work out a few kinks in my application though. Well, anyway, thanks Jacy. Less work for me is always a plus. And in case you’ve misplaced yours, I’m sending everybody another copy of the Application for Quote Of the Day after this message. Use it wisely, please. I only have so many of them left.

Funny every other day,

The kids call me “Mr. Whistlehead.”

Still Standing Right Here…

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