The Bowling Bowl

The Bowling Bowl

For those of you who don’t know, I went to a bowling competition in Omaha, Nebraska this weekend to support UMBC’s bowling team on behalf of UMBC. So this place would not only offer me countless hours of watching bowling, which I love, but it would do so in Nebraska. You couldn’t stop me from getting on the plane (which I feared would be the most exciting part of the trip). Actually, I got there and found out that there were also female bowling teams there. I’m not all that attracted to female bowlers in general, but there were a few lookers there. And I figured I was a shoe-in because I was a volleyball player among bowlers. I was golden! I was probably the only one there who played a real sport. No contest. Well, I was wrong. Apparently, they are attracted to guys who bowl well. That’s just silly. They’ve actually convinced themselves somewhere along the way that it’s a real sport. They don’t necessarily condemn volleyball, but they turn up their nose when I tell them that throwing a heavy ball down a lane at 10 funnier shaped heavy things doesn’t constitute being deemed a “sport” as I have come to know the word. I mean there’s no strategy, no defense, nothing. It’s a game for fat balding old guys that can’t get out there and muster up the energy to play a real sport. Or golf. I don’t understand why college students, in the prime of being in good shape, would take up such a hobby and make it their lifestyle. I have other theories on why I didn’t get any chicks this weekend.

This quote came from the bowling guys while at BWI airport. We were looking on our tickets and noticed that our first flight of the day from Baltimore to Minneanapolis/St. Pual had a little picture of a fork and knife next to it or our ticket. Roy got all excited because he was starving and they were going to serve us food on the flight…

Quote Of the Day 5/3/99

“Either that, or they’re going to give us some free silverware.”

-Rob, Bowler.

Actually, they showed a film on the making of sporks.

Staring at the 7-10 split of success,


Still Standing Right Here…

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