The Disadvantages of Being Human

The Disadvantages of Being Human

I have absolutely nothing to write about today. I just got done running around the loop, I’m alone in the office, I instinctively logged into my account, hit the “compose” feature and typed in the word “quote” which brings up the addresses of all you out there, and sat in front of this screen listening to my country MP3s for ten minutes, half thinking of something to say, and half staring catatonically at my own hand resting on the keyboard that hasn’t yet started typing for me by itself. (That was a long sentence.) I didn’t really do anything of any interest today. I lost a volleyball game, reffed 2 close-ass softball games, and watched Stryker and Derrick both play different versions of solitaire on two different computers. And you know what? It reminded me of the days when I used to play solitaire with actual cards, which I don’t think I could do anymore. It would take too damn long to set the cards up and the piles get all messy and sometimes I can’t pick them up off the carpet easily and stuff. I’m spoiled, made soft and listless by Freecell and other computer solitaire games which shuffle, deal, and tell you when you’ve completely blown it. I think it says something about our society that we’ve managed to make killing time incredibly efficient, allowing us to kill an hour of spare time in only fifteen minutes…

Quote of the Day 5/4/99

Stryker: “I think the computer cheats at this chess game.”
Me: “What do you mean it cheats?”
Stryker: “Well, it waits until it’s come up with it’s BEST move, and then it goes.”

The disadvantages of being human are increasing by the second.

Nothing to really say here either,


Still Standing Right Here…

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