Sanko de my-Oh!

Sanko de my-Oh!

Happy fifth of May everybody!! (See, it sounds silly when you translate it.) That’s right, it’s sanko de my-Oh! It’s just an excuse to make a lot of beef and bean burritos and drink Coronas and Margaritas until you puke on your sombreros. Whatever it takes man. Did you ever wonder if this is what other countries do on the 4th of July? Sit around and get fucked up on Coors Light and corn? I’ll bet they don’t even have fireworks. And not too many countries can sit on the tops of their roof and see ours.

I’m too tired to think of anything else anybody said, so I just broke out the journal from last summer’s trip. This quote came when I went to look for my wallet in the van to go to a McDonalds at a rest stop around Denver somewhere. Keep in mind two things; my propensity for losing my wallet and the fact that the last time I remembered having had it was in Los Angeles, and that’s a far drive just to see if it’s there. So I panicked a little bit. Thankfully, Kevin gave me some news to calm me down…

Quote of the Day 5/5/99

“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you that I moved it. Actually, I didn’t forget to tell you that. I just forgot that I would have to tell you in order for you to know where it was.”


An extended hand and the word “Here” would have sufficed.

All caught up and going home,


Still Standing Right Here…

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