Tony’s New Job

Tony’s New Job

Well, not only does Tony have a better spike and a better body than me, but now he has a better job than me. (Actually, that’s debatable). At any rate, he’s making at least $8,501 a year, so he’s getting paid more than I do. But his job does not require of him to play intramural softball with chicks, so I still have at least one finger’s worth of an upper hand on him. He is gonna be the FDIC’s newest bank examiner. I’m not exactly sure what a bank examiner does, or even if I spelled it correctly, but I somehow think there’s more to it than going around from bank to bank and picking up discarded deposit slip receipts off the ground. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate Tony on his new job. And so did my dad when I told him about it…

Quote of the Day 5/6/99

“Really?!? That’s great. Tell him congratulations for me. And tell him I wish he was my son.”

-My ever-supporting father

Feel the love.

Accepting applications for new father,


Still Standing Right Here..

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