Circular Reasoning

Circular Reasoning

You guys know that traffic circle at one of the entrances to UMBC? For those of you who are out of state, or just plain unaware, there is one. It’s not a huge thing like that one near Parliament in England, but it’s round and cars go in it. So anyway, Stryker and I were driving home one night and thought it would be a relatively neat idea to get about 8 of our friends, put them in cars, and drive around the circle really slow for about half an hour one day, watching traffic back up for miles. After all, they have to yield to traffic in the circle, which would be us, right? It’s a totally awesome idea for a prank! Find me something illegal about that if you can. One day, when I’m really drunk, I’m gonna try to do it myself. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Anyway, let me know who’s in.

I was telling Tony about this idea of ours, and he really jumped on it. He’s in. That’s 3. Now we need 5 more. Well, I told him the part about how there’s no law against how many times you’re actually allowed to go around the circle. This is what he had to say about that…

Quote of the Day 5/10/99

“Yeah, but you know the next day we’re gonna come back and there’s going to be a sign up there – ‘Maximum time in circle: 1 minute.'”


But until the cops actually show up, we’re gonna have a blast! We’ll be in all the papers. And we should plan an escape route. 2 cars should go each one of the 4 directions. Neat idea, me! I just hope I don’t get nauseated first.

Driving in circles on purpose,

Dustin Andretti.

Still Standing Right Here…

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