The Year of Tor

The Year of Tor

You guys should all get the message this time. If you don’t let me know. I’ll have to fix it for next time. Well, here we go again… For those of you who don’t know, Tony, Flynn and I are moving into a new apartment together. It still has bullet holes in the wall and there’s no running water, but we live right across from three strippers. Maybe I can use Flynn’s kitten to try to pick them up. We’ll make her earn her $10 a month pet fee. So anyway, we’re moving into an apartment complex called “Tor” apartments on June first. The place has one solid foot of concrete separating us from the other apartments on all sides. As Tony put it, the place is very “party-friendly.” And that means we’re gonna have a party! Sometime. Maybe. I know I keep saying I’ll have a party at my current apartment, but it’s just so easy going to other people’s parties. You don’t have to clean up. You don’t have to get chicks. You don’t even have to be there. Anyway, we’re moving. To a place they call “Tor.” Awesome!

Like I said, the lease starts June first. The problem with that is that our lease (me and Flynn’s) doesn’t run out until the end of June. So we’ll be leasing two apartments at the same time. That’s not very good economics if you ask me. The reason we did that is that another guy came in 20 minutes after we did looking to rent a 3 bedroom apartment. The only one left was the one we were currently in, taking the “tor” of. Our tor guide got a message over the CB asking if the group she was showing the apartment were interested in it, because another guy was asking questions about the 3 bedroom. As tactfully as she could, she asked us to make a decision on the spot. So we did. Tony agreed to pay the first month’s rent by himself, because he is currently the one without a home. And because he has a real job. And because he’s a nice guy. And because his hand was forced. Anyway, I told Flynn this, and he was very pleased and a little bit taken aback by this gesture…

Quote of the Day 5/12/99

“Wow! What about the other months?”

-Ye of the broken-limbed Flynns

I had just assumed that you two would split the rent for the rest.

Ruler of Tor and Space Monkey Whore,

The ExtendinaTOR.

Still Standing Right Here…

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