Playing Around

Playing Around

Well, I’ve gotten a lot of response to the circle prank. I think I might have all 8 people now. But Stryker and I were talking more about it today, and the plan has gotten more elaborate. We figured that even if our air-tight plan accidentally let one or two people through, traffic would still be backed up for miles. Unless that guy just happened to be some sort of traffic circle vigilante and slowed down enough to let everybody else in. So, with our new amendment, we’re going to need 4 more cars. Their job (Stryker and Harris have to be two of them) will be to be the first car in line at all four of the entrances to the circle. They just have to sit at the intersection and beep really loudly and curse at us, but not go anywhere. And no one is to know that they are working in conjunction with us. They also have a second job. When the cops finally do come to get us, they have to distract them with their bitching and complaining long enough for us to make our getaway. It’s a tough job, but if anybody can do it, Stryker and Harris can. I say we do it during finals week about half an hour before an exam time. That’ll put the exclamation point on our prank. And our ticket. My friend said he did something very similar, but it was just him and it was midnight. A cop came up to him and told him that it wasn’t really reckless driving, but there was just something wrong with that. So he got a ticket after all for reckless driving. My mom said that in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, cars have to yield to traffic coming into the circle. So apparently, somebody has already thought of this. Maybe. Well, either way, if Maryland has to change a state law because of me, I’d be able to die feeling that I accomplished something…

Quote Of the Day 5/13/99

“If you want some help with it..i am in and am up for another ticket.”

-Jason (tall vball guy most of you don’t know)

I also think every car should have a passenger with a road map unfolded and a compass looking completely frustrated.

Breaking unwritten laws,


Still Standing Right Here…

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