It Ain’t Omaha

It Ain’t Omaha

I know I didn’t tell you all to warn you, but I was going to take this week off of quote duty because I have the week off of work and I was supposed to be spending it in PA with my parents. Well, my car didn’t see fit to acknowledge that request. Instead, it decided to blow it’s head gasket. I don’t know too much about cars, but I imagine the head gasket is the one in charge. And he’s an expensive little guy too. He’s gonna cost me about $1100 to replace. That’s almost twice as much as the cost of the vehicle. And I’m not even factoring in the cost of the window to get replaced. So I’m probably just gonna get a new car. “New” meaning “different” in this case. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of buying Stryker’s car. Get this: It’s the same make and model (Olds Cutlass Ciera), but his is a year older and in much better condition. So I would feel right at home in the car almost immediately, and I have every spare part I could possibly need. Except a head gasket of course. Or maybe I could just start training one of my car’s worker gasket’s to eventually take over if I need him to one day. I think I’m gonna actually need to research this a little more. But anyway, this might be the end of all that endless complaining I’ve been doing about the car. I’m kinda pissed it ended this way. I always figured I’d crash the damn thing first.

I spent the weekend in Dayton, Ohio watching a bowling tournament, which is something I hope to never have to say again. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all that bad, it just wasn’t Omaha. I tried using that volleyball angle to pick up chicks again, figuring last time was a fluke. I thought it was working, until she decided to casually mention her boyfriend three hours into the conversation. And I dropped every hint in the book. You’d think she’d have picked up on it. I even asked her about her bracelet: Gift from her father, she says. Smooth sailing, I figure. Shit.

This quote came from Billy, the bowler I went to Dayton with this past weekend. We had a long ass drive up there (9 hours), and his car apparently doesn’t have perfect alignment. The car would drift every once in a while from lane to lane when he wasn’t paying too much attention. I was writing something down on the way there and all the sudden he jerked the car back into the lane after it had gradually creeped out of it and got within inches away from the left barrier wall. I looked up in fear and then looked over at him. He looked back at me before I said anything and very defensively yells out…

Quote of the Day 6/1/99

“What!?!?! It’s not like I can control which way this thing goes!”

-Billy the Bowler

It’s probably one of those new Kias. Mind of their own.

Back on foot again,

Running Cricket.

Still Standing Right Here…

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