Dueling Fantasies

Dueling Fantasies
Hey everybody. I just thought I’d drop you a line to say that I’m still alive and still plan on tackling another season as the Quorax to all of you faithfulish subscribers. Sorry I fell behind recently, but I had a girlfriend for a week, I was in New Jersey for a week, and I don’t really have a good excuse for last week. Let’s just say I was trapped under something heavy. But all things considered, I’m back, I hope. Hey, I decided to try this fantasy football league thing for the first time. It looks pretty fun. If anybody is interested, let me know before next Sunday when games start and I’ll tell you how to join. On a surprisingly related note, Mike and Tony were having a conversation over AOL and here’s a little snibbit of it:

Quote Of the Day 6/5/99

Tonedef6: “You a chess fan? “
MJConover7: “I’m in a Fantasy League, but that’s it. “

I get Kasparov. He does the musical numbers really well.

Rook for a rook,
Mr. Bishophead.

Still Standing Right Here…

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