Not Sure Insurance

Not Sure Insurance

Well, as of midnight tonight, I will no longer be driving an uninsured car. Just an unregistered one. With illegal tags. But it’s got a whole window that goes all the way up and everything! Now my current problem is with the people to whom I am donating my car. The damn American Cancer Society. They’re taking their sweet old time picking up my car, which is sitting at the mechanic’s illegally with no tags. The Howard County Police already threatened to impound it once if I don’t get it out of the lot. So I called AAA (of which I am a member) and asked if they would tow my car back to my apartment. They told me that they’d give me the first 3 miles free and it would be like $2.50 for each additional mile. At most, it would cost $5.00 to do this. But here’s the catch. They won’t tow it out of a mechanic’s garage. They don’t cover that kind of service for whatever reason. So if I want to get AAA to tow my car back to my apartment, I’ll need to push it out of the parking spot, out of the lot, and down the street to where it is no longer in sight of Merchant’s Auto Repair. I think I smell an accident brewing. That will possibly be the best thing that could happen. I’ll aim for a telephone pole and then AAA will definitely tow it. Stupid instigating bastards. And they actually asked me in the insurance claim if I wore my seat belt. Apparently, my insurance goes up if I willingly concede the information that I don’t wear my seat belt. Stupid ingrate bastards.

Well, I came upon this quote while searching through my wallet for the phone number of my insubordinate bastard of an insurance agent (OK, now I’m venturing into the territory of words I don’t completely know the meaning of). So it was said a while ago. But I remember it as if it were yesterday. I was sitting around with my friend Jason that plays volleyball (or maybe somebody else), and we were probably talking about something rather insignificant. Anyway, this part I do remember. Somebody else walked in and said something that kinda degraded him. To this, I told him that he had finally found somebody that could match his wits. To this, he replied…

Quote of the Day 6/17/99

“There are plenty of people who can match my wits. I have just cleverly successfully mastered the art of not caring when it happens.”

-Jason (maybe)

I have gone one step passed you and learned the art of pretending that I’m smarter anyway.

Pushing dead cars into poles,

Mr. Banana Nut Muffin (don’t ask).

Still Standing Right Here…

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